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"A lesson well taught is a lesson well learnt."
We believe that learning should be an effective and happy experience, something that will encourage students to become lifetime learners. To ensure this, the school has designed a custom made curriculum for the students. The creativity and innovativeness of this curriculum will ensure a joyous and productive learning with lesser stress on the children which will ensure optimum learning outcomes.
Busy will be how most people will describe the pace at SVPS, Nagod. Momentum will be high and each day will be full and exciting, children will follow a daily routine of activities designed to build specific skills but one day will never be the same as the next. A wide range of activities included in their schedule are- singing, listening to stories, dramatics/plays, group project nature walks, outdoor games etc. These activities will provide opportunities for creativity, physical co-ordination, emotional maturity, practical and social skills.
Academic monitoring will be done throughout the year and the school has education experts who will do the academic audit of the school and guide the curriculum delivery. Parents will also play a vital role in the education system at SVPS. Regular parents meet will be organized and detailed discussion about each child will be done to ensure that all the aspects of education for every child is discussed and improved.
The Primary School Section 
SVPS has a separate building for Primary Years students in its vast campus. This building is specifically designed keeping the needs and likings of the students in mind. The Primary School focuses on providing a solid academic foundation with focus on developing the personality, confidence and behavioral skills. Their curriculum is designed in such a way that they get world class education which helps them in preparing for the challenged of the 21st century.
The physical movements of children are governed and guided in such a way that they develop correct motor skills and body movement. They are guided on various aspects of healthy lifestyle. The art, music, dance and other co-curricular activities are mixed in sync with curriculum. The objective of our primary school is to develop Physically intellectually, socially and emotionally balanced human beings.
The Middle School Section 
When a child will reach our middle school after successfully graduating from the primary school he will be a confident individual with a perfect understanding of the present world. Here the holistic development of the child will be our prime concern. We will follow the CBSE Curriculum which is one of the best global education systems. The school will make them focus on their curricular goals and also help them to choose their path of success through rigorous counseling and guidance. Co-curricular activities and sports and games will be an integral part of our curriculum with experts and coaches giving proper guidance to the students.
We, at SVPS understand that this is the age when a child goes through invariable physical and hormonal changes. The stage of adolescence is well understood by our faculties and they are particular about helping the children find self-identity and will develop them as intellectually sound citizens of India contributing their bit for the country and the world as a whole.
Moral Education
The school provide a fully secular atmosphere, where students will be free to practice their own beliefs. The effort will be to bring a balanced fusion of Indian traditions, principals and culture with the modern day education. The school endeavors to develop & imbibe good moral values & principles in its students so that they become responsible citizens of the society with lot of compassion, love & responsibility.